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Water DragonsDiet & Nutrition

Water Dragon Diet & Nutrition

Water Dragons are omnivores so they eat both insects and vegetables, but they do prefer meat so will eat vegetables in smaller amounts. A varied diet of live food (choose food no larger than half the size of your reptile's head), should be fed daily when juvenile and every two days when they reach adulthood.

Crickets, mealworms,  grasshoppers, locusts, pinkie mice and some fruit and vegetables should make up your Water Dragon's diet.

Dietary Supplements

Your Water Dragon will need a calcium and vitamin D3 supplement. If your lizard is lacking D3 and calcium it can get metabolic bone disease which can be fatal. Breeding females, babies, and juveniles will need supplements more frequently.

If you notice your Water Dragon eating its own fecal matter, this is reasonably normal and, provided they are being fed enough, there is no need to be alarmed. 


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