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Water DragonsHabitat & Handling

Where Water Dragons Like to Live?

The Water Dragon makes an excellent pet once provided with the right environment. They need large enclosures with plenty of branches for climbing and a swimming pool deep enough to submerge at least half their body height. Nocturnal creatures, your Water Dragon will sleep during the day and be awake during the night.

Chinese water dragons need a good pool of water to bath in. It should be large and deep enough so that a dragon can submerge at least 1/2 its height. You need to be able to remove and clean/disinfect the water daily, especially if your dragon uses it for a toilet.

If stressed or frightened, your Water Dragons will go underwater for periods of time to hide. They can stay under for about a half hour but are sometimes lethargic or dopey when you rescue them.


When handling your Water Dragon talk to it softly before attempting to pick him up, then gently place one hand over his body, placing one index finger over the shoulder, and have your thumb wrap around the underside of the opposite arm. Place your other hand under the dragons belly to give him a sense of support and slowly lift the dragon out of the enclosure or from where ever he happens to be at the time. Do not squeeze him in order to stop struggling as you will likely injure him.

In its habitat you must provide large branches and other objects for the Chinese Water Dragons to climb and perch on.  


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