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King / Milk SnakesHabitat & Handling

Where do King and Milk Snakes Like to Live?

Your Snake should be kept in a very secure habitat if you don't want it to escape. They are known to test their space and find areas to fit out through. A large vivarium or tank is recommended for King or Milk Snakes with plenty of features like branches, leaves, bark and rocks while a hide box is a must.

Generally, your King or Milk Snake will need a temperature of about 24-30*C in their cage during the day, and 21-23*C at night.


Give your snake a couple of days to settle in, before you stand handling it. Be gentle and persistent, with short sessions at first to build trust. It shouldn't take too long for the snake to get comfortable and settle on your hand/arm. Remember these snakes are constrictors so they may try to wrap themselves around your arm- always unwrap them from the tail end.

Their level of exercise will depend on how large their enclosure is. if they have more room and areas to burrow or climb they are less likely to become obese, which can be a common problem for snakes.

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