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Rat SnakesHabitat & Handling

Where do Rat Snakes Like to Live?

Rat Snakes should be housed in a vivarium with a secure top to prevent escape. Allow a minimum of 1 square foot to each foot your snake is long. Your Rat Snake will also need a hide box, a branch for climbing and resting and a rock or log for basking. Photoperiod lighting and an average humidity of 40-60% will ensure your Rat Snake has a comfortable habitat. A heat mat will also be needed.


A Rat Snake is one of the best pet snakes for handling, although it will take him a few days to settle into his new home, so it is recommended that you give your new pet some time to settle before you attempt to handle him.

For the most part, the Rat Snake will be a non-aggressive pet, although they are more tempestuous than their cousins, the Corn Snake. When startled or stressed, your Rat Snake will vibrate his tail and may bite, depending on how threaten he feels. A bite from a Rat Snake, although painful, they are not venomous. 

Your Rat Snake will like to be handled for a few minutes each day. If you handle him more than this, he will become stressed.

Do not handle your Snake right after he has eaten because it can cause him to vomit.


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