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Chile Rose TarantulasHealth & Hygiene

Health and Hygiene

Tarantulas are not messy pets, and as a result are relatively easy to care for, provided they have a suitably set up habitat.


As your Tarantulas grows, it will molt, shedding it's old skin in a manner similar to snakes. The molting process will be a difficult and stressful for your spider.

The first indication that your spider is about to molt will be that it will be likely to refuse to eat for a few weeks. You may also notice a clear fluid seeping from its leg joints. Your spider may also lose hairs from its abdomen and develop a bald patch.

When it is ready to molt, your spider will lie on its back - do not be alarmed, it is normal for it to look dead, and there may also be some webbing around its body. Do not disturb your spider, as it may be fatal for your pet. The entire process of molting will take anything between 15 minutes and several hours.

Once it has shed its old skin, your tarantula will be extremely tender and sensitive, so avoid handling if for at least is week.

Make sure that your spider has fresh water, but do not feed your spider for a few days until its skin has toughened.


Amazingly, if your spider has lost a limb, it can regenerate and grow a new one during the molting process. Its new leg is like to be smaller than the original.

Cleaning the Habitat

You should clean your tarantulas cage whenever it looks like it is needed, with the water dish being cleaned twice weekly. A deep clean is recommended every 4 to 6 months.

Transfer your spider into a secure  holding container when cleaning the vivarium, and scrub the tank with a mild disinfectant.

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