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SpidersGoliath Bird Eater Tarantulas

Goliath Bird Eater Tarantula

Goliath Bird Eaters are the world's largest species of Tarantula. This is hairy spider has a leg span of 30.5 cm across and they can weigh 70 g. Their bodies are dark and light brown in colour.

Despite its name, the Goliath Bird Eater does not eat birds; it eats invertebrates such as crickets and mealworms, and also small vertebrates such as mice and lizards.

They should be kept only by very experienced keepers.

Company for Goliaths

It is a solitary animal and needs to be housed alone.


The life expectancy for a female Goliath Bird Eater is about 25 years. Most require about 10 years to mature as adults. Males live for only one year or less after mating. These spiders continue to moult after reaching maturity and are able to regrow any limbs they might lose.

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