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Terrapins, Tortoise & TurtlesHabitat & Handling

Habitat & Handling for Terrapins

You should house your terrapin in a large vivarium or tank with a secure lid on top. Position this where there is some natural light. Your tank interior should include some water for the terrapin to wet itself, some large stones and an island in the tank for the terrapin to climb.


Terrapins are very delicate and timid creatures and may get frightened and alarmed when you try to pick them up. Begin with hand feeding your terrapin as It learns to relate you with food and becomes fearless about you handling it. Gradually you can start picking it up with utmost care.

While handling, the terrapin should be held firmly from the side of the shell. Never drop it on the floor from high up as that can break its shell, head, neck or legs. Any such injury can be fatal for your pet. A stressed or upset terrapin may struggle and try to bite or scratch while being handled and it is then better to leave it alone. Though most of the terrapins get used to the owner with time, some remain aggressive forever and that should be given respect.

Both pre- and post-handling, rinse your hands properly with soap and mild disinfectants to stay away from any contamination. Reptiles may carry some microorganisms like Salmonella, which can cause severe diseases in humans.

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