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DegusHealth & Hygiene

Degu Health & Hygiene

A healthy diet, regular exercise and a clean home will help to keep your Degu in good health. Their cage should be cleaned at least once a week using a pet-safe disinfectant, while water and feeding bowls should be cleaned every day.

A healthy, happy Degu will be:

  • Bright and alert
  • Active and move around the cage easily
  • Should have orange teeth
  • Have a glossy coat with no bald patches

Illness & Disease

Diabetes is a common illness in Degus, and if too much sugar is includes in their diet your Degu is likely to develop the disease. Untreatable in small animals, symptoms of diabetes will include weight gain and thirst, if you notice either of these; it is recommended it is recommended that you take your Degu to the vet for a check-up.

Your Degu may develop Liver problems if there is too much fat in their diet. Excessive thirst is also a symptom of liver disease in Degus so it is one which should be monitored.

Like some other small animals, your Degus teeth will grow continuously throughout their lives, so it is essential that they are provided with chew toys and gnaw sticks to help them keep their teeth healthy and trim. Overgrown teeth will cause considerable pain and prevent you Degu from eating.

Dust Bath

A dust bath is essential for your Degus health and the condition of their coat. Degus find the dust bath soothing, relaxing and fun, although too much bathing can dry the skin and if the dust bath is left in the cage the Degu will often sit in it and use it as a litter box.


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