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Hamsters are a good beginner pet because they are quite easy to care for and require no grooming. They are friendly and are very easily tamed, however Hamsters are nocturnal animals and therefore will only wake at night time.

Popular species of hamsters include:

Syrian Hamsters are a large species of hamster, growing up to 18cm. These hamsters tend to be easier to tame than other species, but they prefer to live alone, and will fight with others if kept together, so if you have more than one Syrian hamster, you will need a cage for each.

Dwarf Hamsters are much smaller than Syrian Hamster, but they are also much more active so will need lots of space in their cage. Dwarf Hamsters need lots of toys to keep them entertained, and with time and attention they can easily be tamed.

Roborovski Hamsters are the smallest hamsters, growing to only 5cm in size. They are quick and playful, but can be difficult to handle because they are so small and fast! They have a good temperament and can be kept in same sex pairs.

Petmania Dwarf Hamster

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All hamsters can be tamed, and although some will take more time than others, with patience, love and time they will happily interact with you.

Some breeds of Hamster, such as Dwarf or Roborovski Hamsters can be kept in same sex pairs, however Syrian Hamsters and Chinese Dwarf Hamsters should be kept singly as they will fight, often to death.


The average lifespan of a Hamster is between two and three years.


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