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MiceHabitat, Exercise & Play

Where Mice Like to Live

Mice like to ramble and climb around their home so make sure their cage has plenty of hiding places.

Your cage size must reflect the amount of mice living in it, if you have a trio of female mice it must be big enough for them all. Cages should be kept indoors, away from direct sunlight, radiators and draughts.

Where do mice come from?

The house mouse probably originated in Iran and Turkestan where it would have lived in rocky crevices.  At some point it formed a close association with humans, and spread with them to Europe.


Petmania Mouse

Mouse Exercise & Play

Pet mice are social and active animals that need a variety of toys to chew on, as well as items that provide opportunities for exercise. A good quality wheel will provide lots of exercise. A variety of toys to climb and chew on will also help keep pet mice active and healthy.

Mice learn quickly to climb into their owner's hand and then up to the shoulder. Mice also love to explore pockets to see if there are any treats in there and to run inside sleeves.

To interact with your mouse you can construct a labyrinth from cardboard rolls and boxes and put treats in the end of the labyrinth. Mice love to be caressed and scratched gently behind the ear, but it is recommended that you get to know your mouse before petting it. Mice generally don’t bite but may if they are very scared.

Be prepared for your mice to make noise at night as they are nocturnal creatures they will scamper about and play.

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