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Choosing a Rabbit as a Pet

Easily tamed and sociable, rabbits are wonderful pets for older children and adults. Some of the more popular species of rabbit include:

Lionhead Rabbits are a small breed of long haired rabbit. Sociable and friendly, they appreciate company, and because of their size, will live happily in a normal size rabbit cage or hutch. They have a relatively small appetite and will live for six to ten years.

Dwarf Rabbits are smaller than the lionhead rabbit. They are very sociable, affectionate and like lots of attention, so prefer to live with other rabbits.  The dwarf rabbit has a lifespan of seven to ten years.

Lop Eared Rabbits are identifiable by their long ears that flop down alongside their head. They enjoy company and will like lots of attention from you. A lop eared rabbit can be expected to live between six and ten years.

Petmania Dutch Lop Earred Rabbit

Giant breeds are large size compared to other rabbits. Giant breeds share the same sociable nature of other rabbit breeds, but they tend to live for a shorter time, generally no more than five years. 

There are many different types of the giant breeds including the Flemish giant, French Lop, Checkered Giant or Giant Chinchilla Rabbit. A  Flemish giant Rabbit can live up to five years they are known for their long and powerful body. The French lop rabbit has a lifespan of five years or more and has loop ears and has a soft dense coat. The checkered giant rabbit is easy to spot; they will have checkered spots over their body and can live up to five years or more. The giant chinchilla is a stocky rabbit and does not require regular grooming.

Company for Rabbits

Rabbits are very sociable and are happiest when they have another rabbit for company. However, they should be neutered or spayed to prevent breeding or fighting. Neutered or spayed rabbits tend to live happily together. The best pairing is usually a neutered male with a spayed female.

Breeding females should be separated from males to prevent the males from attacking the young.


The average lifespan of a Rabbit is between seven and ten years, however giant breeds tend to live for shorter periods, of about five years.


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