Taking Your Puppy To The Grooming Studio

Puppy having a bath at grooming studio for the first time

Taking Your Puppy To The Grooming Studio

Once your pup is fully vaccinated and has had all his shots, it’s time to take him for his first groom. Taking your puppy to the grooming studios for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience, both for puppy and puppy parent. All these new sights and smells…your puppy might be feeling excited, anxious, nervous; maybe all three!

The first experience your puppy has at the grooming studios can set the tone for how he feels about the grooming procedure for the rest of his life. It is important to make sure he is calm, relaxed, and enjoys the treatments.

Luckily, here at Petmania Grooming Studios, our expert groomers are fully versed in introducing a young puppy to the studio and making it a positive and fun experience, both for pup and for pup parent. Read below to see what you can expect for your puppy on his first trip to one of our grooming studios and my top grooming products recommendations.

Michelle Walsh, Professional Dog Groomer

Michelle Walsh, Professional Dog Groomer

Michelle Walsh is a Professional Dog Groomer with over 10 years experience caring for puppies and dogs at Petmania Grooming Studios. She is also a Grooming Trainer for the Petmania Grooming Academy. Michelle is the human companion to Luna and is based a Petmania Grooming Studio in Santry.

The First Visit

His first visit will usually be between the 12-20 week mark, two weeks after all his vaccinations have been administered. His treatment will include a wash, where he will be bathed in an extra mild shampoo, making him super soft. He will also have his first nail trim, as well as a blow dry during his initial visit; this is intended to help him get used to all the new sights and sounds of the grooming world. It’s important that he has a positive, enjoyable experience, so that in the future he looks forward to returning.

We will also check your puppy’s weight, diet and his nutritional needs, and advise you on how to care for his coat at home. This is to help you understand what we do here a bit better and what you can do to care for him and his coat.

Returning to the Grooming Studios

Once he has had his initial visit, you can bring him back for his next appointment 4-6 weeks later. In this groom we will do a little bit of trimming around his eyes and face, as well as the paws. He will be bathed using a mild puppy shampoo, followed by an expert nail trim, ear clean, and eye cleanse. This is to help him become more accustomed to the studio and having his face and paws touched.

Your puppy can return to us in four to six weeks’ time again, where we will focus on the preferred style of his breed. He will also get a blow dry, leaving him huggable and so fresh!

Our Puppy Care Packages are designed, most importantly, to help your puppy become accustomed to being groomed, as well as to teach you how to care for their skin and coat at home.

Puppy being groomed and having his face trimmed at grooming studio

Must-Buy Grooming Tools

Now that your puppy has had his first visit to the groomers, it is still important to take care of his coat at home. Here are our top must-have tools for looking after your puppy’s coat while at home:

1. SAFARI Soft Slicker Brush

Featuring stainless steel pins, the SAFARI Dog Soft Slicker Brush gently removes mats, tangles and loose hair. With regular use, these high-quality slicker brushes will also reduce shedding for a healthy coat. The non-slip grip makes grooming easy.

2. SAFARI Fine / Medium Coat Comb

This comb helps to remove mats, tangles and loose hair. The smooth, rounded teeth prevent damage to the coat. The 4-1/2″ comb is designed for medium and fine coats.

3. M-PETS Puppy Shampoo

M-PETS Puppy Shampoo is perfect for your puppy as it contains natural herb extracts and vitamins, which provide particularly mild care for your puppy’s coat and skin, leaving him so soft and fresh.

4. LI’L PALS Dog Massage Brush

Give your pup an enjoyable grooming experience with the LI’L PALS Dog Massage Brush. This brush is sized specifically for small dog breeds and puppies, and is a great tool for helping them become accustomed to the grooming process.

Still have some questions about your puppy’s grooming care? We can help!

Appointments are available seven days a week nationwide so pop into our store or give us a call to book your pup in. If you have any more questions about our care plan, treatments or just looking for the best product recommendations, our team would be more than happy to help in any way they can!


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