The Best Rabbit Toys

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The Best Rabbit Toys

Providing your rabbit with appropriate toys to play with is more important than you think. It helps with mental stimulation, prevents boredom, keeps them fit and healthy and most importantly, happy. There a wide range of rabbit toys to choose from your floppy eared friend.

In this blog post, we will highlight how to choose a toy, our top toys for your rabbit, and tips for playing with your bunny.

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How to Choose a Toy For Your Rabbit

1. Appeal To Chewing Urges

Rabbits have an urge to chew. This, coupled with the fact their teeth are continuously growing, means they need something to always chew on. Finding toys for them to chew is a great way to keep their teeth in shape and appeals to their chewing instincts.

2. Safety First

Toys with small parts that can be broken off easily or made from unsuitable materials like metal or soft rubber are not recommended for rabbits. Untreated wood is usually okay to offer your rabbit; however, don’t ever give your bunny any sticks or tree branches that you come across in the garden. They may contain mould spores, parasites, bacteria or insects that can be toxic to your bunny. Safe woods include willow, apple, poplar, dogwood, cottonwood, ash, pecan, manzanita, and hazelnut.

3. Know Your Bunny

Does your bunny love to chew, or does he love to hide? Maybe he likes to dig or hop around, or maybe he enjoys knocking things over? Get to know your rabbit and what he likes when considering what toys to give him.

4. Cat & Dog Toys

There’s no need to stick to just toys marketed for rabbits. Many cat and dog toys are also suitable to give your bunny. As long as they are made out of strong materials and they don’t have pieces that can be easily chewed off, there’s no reason to not offer your rabbit these toys.

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Tips for Playtime

1.Tell Your Rabbit When It’s Time To Play

When you want to play with your rabbit, use a phrase such as ‘playtime!’ or ‘let’s play!’ Be consistent using the phrase, so that your bunny understands that when you say it, playtime is about to begin. Use a phrase to end playtime too, so your bunny knows when to stop. Use this phrase even if your rabbit is the one to end the playing.

2. Don’t Be Too Rough

Rabbits are delicate creatures, so don’t be too rough on your rabbit’s body.

3. Be Patient

Let your bunny approach you! They can be very timid at first, so let them come to you when they are ready. Never force them into anything, as this can cause your rabbit to become frightened. Always pet your rabbit while praising him with positive feedback, such as friendly verbal cues or yummy treats. It is important that he associates your touch with happiness, safety, security and comfort.

4. Don’t Get Mad

Rabbits bite for various different reasons; sometimes it is an act of aggression, other times they are trying to show affection. Don’t scold or yell at your rabbit; simply push him away and continue petting him.

If you have any more questions about playing with your pet rabbit or choosing the best toys, we recommend talking to a member of the Petmania team in your local store today!

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