The Wren: A Guide to Ireland’s Garden Birds

wren on a tree branch

The Wren: A Guide to Ireland’s Garden Birds

Wrens are tiny birds that are frequent visitors to Irish gardens. Known as the ‘Dreoilín’ in Irish, they normally fly short distances in a steady straight line with rapid wing beats. They are a common resident throughout Ireland and be spotted dashing through bushes, darting back and forth amongst the stems of undergrowth, shying away from other birds and animals.

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through how to spot the tiny wren in your garden, how to feed it, and the best way to care for it.

What Do Wrens Look Like?

The wrens are small birds, with a small round body and a tiny yet distinctive cocked tail. Their upper-parts are a red-brown colour while their underside will be paler, sometimes grey. The bill is brown as are their legs. When a wren puffs out its feathers to combat cold weather, it can look almost spherical.

Young wrens look similar to adults. The eyebrow may not be as distinct when they are young however, as this becomes more clear when they gain their adult plumage.

They can be a surprisingly difficult bird to see due to their small size, and are more often heard than seen.


What Do Wrens Like to Eat?

Wrens are a secretive species, so not much is known about their feeding habits, but they do enjoy small insects like spiders and worms, and are partial to beetles. They like to hunt for food on the ground within bushes and along walls by grabbing insects with their pointed beak.

How to Feed Wrens

Wrens rarely visit bird tables due to their shy nature, so in order to feed them, make sure to leave some insects out on the ground near bushes and trees, where they would feel comfortable darting out and grabbing some.

Where Do Wrens Nest?

A wren’s nest can be found close to the ground in a sheltered, covered area. Their nests are a spherical ball of moss with a small entrance in the side – positioned in dense cover such as ivy or tangled vegetation to disguise their nest. The male constructs a number of nests before the female chooses one. Once she has chosen her preferred nest, she will decorate the inside with feathers.

After mating, she lays a clutch of 5-6 white eggs with red, rust-coloured spots. The female incubates the eggs however both parents feed the chicks.

What Do Wrens Sound Like?

The Wren is a very vocal bird, singing throughout the year. They may be small but have loud and often complex songs, occasionally performed in duet by a pair. Their calls include an abrupt ‘check’ and a long, drawn out ‘churrrrr…’

Any more questions?

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