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February: Benny, Layla, Alfie & Lexie

Benny's Story

Benny was adopted by Kate in 2012 when he was four months old.  He has been surrendered to Laois dog pound at 3 days old, along with his brother Freddy and Bobby and his 'Mamma Mia'... They were all named after ABBA! They were saved the next day by the wonderful girls of Cara Rescue Dogs. Benny is now 1 and a half and is whippet-jack russell cross. He is the most beautiful dog (at least in my opinion...... but I'm biased).

Benny lives with me, my parents and his 3 siblings, Ruby, Hope and Stanley and whatever foster dogs we have a the time. Benny is so kind to whatever dogs we have in the house, plays with the puppies so gently, almost afraid he'll break them. And with me, he's my best friend, always wants a cuddle and knows when I'm down. He loves to chase the ball but can never get it in time before his sister hope. He's a great dog.

Lastly, Benny gave me the great opportunity to become a volunteer and foster carer for Cara and it has changed my life. Thanks Benny, Lol.

Layla's Story

Layla and her siblings had been found dumped in a cardboard box down a country lane. In September 2012 she was adopted by Tracey in Clonaslee, who describes her as a fun loving ball of energy who loves her walks with doggy sister Tilly. She is an extremely affectionate girl and likes nothing more than a cuddle on Tracey’s lap before nodding off for the night.

Alfie & Lexi's Story

Alfie & Lexi were just eight weeks old when they were rescued by Cara. They were beaten and left (presumed dead) behind a 10ft wall for approximately four days.

Alfie was suffering from severe dehydration and lost consciousness a few times en route to the vets. He was crying (screaming more like) when picked up for the days that followed.

Lexi sadly suffered worse from the beating, with brusing visable to her eye sockets and face. Blind, and spinning in circles always to the right, only stopping when picked up or sleeping. She even spins when eating, she will take a few mouthfulls and then start spinning again, Its obvious she has suffered brain damage. Lexi also has a grade 5 heart murmour, you can feel it like a rattling purr heavy inside her tiny chest. She has since undergone heart surgery.

Following the loving care and medical attention they received from Cara and their vets, both Alfie and Lexi have made a wonderful recovery and have found their forever home with their foster mammy Antoinette who couldn't bare to part with them having nursed them back to health.

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