Ways to Have Fun While Exercising With Your Dog

Ways to Have Fun While Exercising With Your Dog

Making Exercising with Your Dog Fun!

Staying fit can sometimes feel like a chore, but how can we make exercise with our dogs fun? In this post we share our Top 5 suggestions for making your dog’s exercise regime fun for both you and your dog!

Dog playing with Sports Pet Ball

1. Interactive Playtime

Interactive play for your dog is a fantastic way to bond with your dog, and will help to get your pooch active, and provide much needed attention from his favourite humans! There are loads of dog toys available to help make playtime fun, and interactive toys like tug-ropes, frisbees and balls are a must have for dogs that love to run, fetch and play.

2. Change the Scenery

Taking the same path for every walk can get repetitive for you and your pup. Explore your locality to find walk-ways and trails to bring some excitement back into walkies. Check out the Ireland Walking Guide for their list of National Waymarked Trails for some inspiration.

3. Join a Club

From dog agility, to cross-country running or breed clubs there are loads of fun ways to get your dog out and active. The Irish Agility and Dog Sports Association are a great resource for anyone interested in getting involved in club based activities, in particular Agility, Bikejoring, Canicross and Flyball.

4. Take up Yoga

Yes, it’s a thing! Yoga with your dog, or Doga, is a great way to introduce more movement into your dog’s day and help to increase muscle strength through gentle exercise.

5. Set up an Obstacle Course

This a great option for both indoors or outdoors and it’s something the whole family can get involved in! Set up an course around your house or garden for your dog.

DOGA Demonstration

Flyball Demonstration at Crufts

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