7 Reasons You Should Get Your Pet a Gift This Christmas

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7 Reasons You Should Get Your Pet a Gift This Christmas

Our pets have been our best friends during the trials and tribulations of Covid-19 over the last year. Whether your dog helped you get out of the house for a walk every day, your cat was there to make you laugh with their shenanigans or your rabbit was simply there for a cuddle when you needed it most, our four legged family members deserve a gift under the tree this Christmas.

Although there are over a million reasons why, we’ve compiled our Top 7 reasons why you should get your fur baby a Christmas present this year.

1. They are Loyal

Our pets love us unconditionally, and are always loyal. Someone may look at you funny if you spill some food on yourself, but not your pet, who will gladly lick it off for you! Dogs are always by our side no matter what, and although they may not always show it, cats are too. If they could, they’d get you a Christmas gift (maybe they already have, although don’t expect much more than a tree branch from outside…it’s the thought that counts!), and for that reason alone, they deserve one too.

2. They are Family Members

91% of Irish households recognise their dog or cat as a family member, with 40% admitting to buying their pet a gift during special occasions. Just as we pick out the perfect gifts for our human family members, it’s important not to forget the furry family members too, who will no doubt appreciate their gift even more! When making a Christmas list for your parents, siblings and extended family this year, don’t forget to include your pooch or feline friend on that list too.

3. They Love You

Our pets show that they love us in many different ways; some more unconventional than others, but it is love! Playing, cuddling, holding eye contact, bringing you their favourite toy and even sleeping with you are all some of the ways our pets show us they care. Show them you care too by getting them the purrfect Christmas present this year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Charming little girl in Santa Claus hat with dog labrador retriever are waiting for the New Year at home, smiling and looking at camera.
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4. They are Hilarious

Who doesn’t have a funny picture or video of their pet on their phone? Whether your dog has got a serious case of the zoomies or your cat has found themselves in a precarious situation, we can always count on our four legged friends to make us laugh and feel good.

5. They Will Look Great in Photos

There are many emotional reasons why your pet deserves a gift this year, but think of the practical reasons for just a minute-how cute would your pup look in a festive jumper this year? Or your kitty in a beautiful bowtie?  Gift your dog an adorable doggie coat or a great cosy outfit when they just want to tuck away in a corner during those drafty evenings. Giving both the cute and functional factor, it’s the perfect Christmas gift for your pooch!

6. They Will Love Whatever You Give Them

There’s nothing worse than giving someone a carefully thought out, loving gift, only for them to react underwhelmingly and cast it aside, never to be used again. Well, it’s safe to say your pet will most likely adore whatever gift you decide to give them this year. This, of course, largely depends on how well you know your pet-do they prefer puzzle toys or chew toys, are they a fan of catnip or not etc. At the end of the day, nobody knows your pet better than you do, and a newest addition to their toy collection will no doubt be a big hit with them, regardless of what it is!

7. They Deserve It

If anyone deserves a Christmas gift this year, it’s our dogs and cats. Loyal, loving, funny and caring, our pets deserve the best. Our Christmas shop is now open, and full of gift ideas for your dog, cat, and small animal. From toys, treats, festive jumpers and everything in between—there’s something for all four legged friends here!

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