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Here at Petmania we have a great choice of dog food available to suit all budgets. Shop our value dog food range with every day low prices to suit your budget, with free delivery nationwide on all orders over €29.

Choosing a value food for your dog or cat will need some careful consideration, such as…


Whatever the age of your dog, we recommend that you choose a food that has been especially developed for their lifestage.

2. Activity Levels

An active dog will need significantly more energy (calories) than on that is less active, so your dog’s diet should take account of his daily activity.

3. Neutered/spayed

If your dog has been spayed, they may need a food that has been formulated to support them after surgery, as their body adjusts to the change.

4. Sensitivities Your Pet May Have

If your dog has sensitive skin or his tummy is easily upset, choosing a hypoallergenic or grain free food may help.

5. Size and Breed of Your Pet

Breed and size will be critical factor in choosing their food.

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