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Dog toys are essential for their fitness, mental health and overall wellbeing. Every dog will have a preference for how they like to play, whether it’s with other dogs, their owners, or by themselves. Toys are an excellent way to help dogs fuel their play instincts and release some built-up energy. All dogs will respond differently to toys and forms of play, depending on their natural instincts, personal preferences, and how you have trained them.

So, what do you need to consider when choosing the ultimate play tool for your dog?


If your pooch will be left alone during the day, make sure to buy him interactive puzzles to quench any boredom he may accumulate.

Something to chew

Teething puppies that love to chew will need a specially made chew toy to satisfy their urge.

Training aid

Are you trying to teach your four legged friend something new? Choose a toy that matches the skill that you want to teach, such as using rope toys to teach them to ‘drop’ or ball toys to teach him to return to you.


Choose an interactive toy to keep up with your pooch’s energy and physical fitness, such as balls or frisbees.

Comfort toy

Choose a soft toy which he can take to bed with him and cuddle – and only make it available at bed time or at times of rest, so they know when its time to settle down.

Shop our extensive range of toys for your puppy or adult dog with a huge choice available. Shop for interactive puzzles, dog balls and frisbees, chew toys for teething puppies and plush toys to soothe and comfort. Whatever your  dog needs, we can help you find the best item for your dog.