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Is it any surprise that mouse toys are a favorite among cats of all ages? After all, underneath all that fluff and adorable face, our cats are natural born predators, and mice are their natural prey. Mouse toys give cats the opportunity to exercise their instinctual hunting behaviors like stalking, pouncing, and batting. An active cat will need 10-15 interactive play sessions every day and we recommend hiding their toys between sessions to keep them interested.

Encourage your cat or kitten’s natural instincts to jump, pounce and hunt and keep your feline friend entertained for hours with a toy from our huge range of cat toys. We have something that even the fussiest cats will enjoy!

Here at Petmania we know that having a cat in your life can lead to many questions – from wondering what to feed your kitten, and everything else that you will encounter over your cat’s potential 20+ years! Here is our Cat Care Advice Centre and regularly post new content, based on the questions our customers regular ask us. Make sure to check it out and give your feline friend the best life possible.