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While it’s true that a lot of cats can groom themselves, if you have a medium or long-haired cat, the extra grooming can be a real benefit to them. Some senior cats and long haired breeds can find it difficult to keep their coats in good condition and require some help to stay in good shape. Grooming is also an excellent way to bond with your kitty;  it can help build trust and affection, and if you have a kitten, it can help them get used to being touched and handled.

Daily brushing can remove any loose hairs, preventing them from being swallowed and turning into hair balls. Brushing also stimulates blood circulation and sebaceous gland secretions, resulting in a healthier skin and coat. Older cats in particular may not use scratching posts as frequently as they did when they were younger; therefore, nails should be checked weekly and trimmed if necessary.

Here at Petmania we know that having a cat in your life can lead to many questions – from wondering what to feed your kitten, and everything else that you will encounter over your cat’s potential 20+ years! Here is our Cat Care Advice Centre and regularly post new content, based on the questions our customers regular ask us. Make sure to check it out and give your feline friend the best life possible.