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Catnip is a common herb that is part of the mint family. It is a grayish-green plant, with sharp heart shaped leaves, and thick stems that are coated in fuzzy hairs. What attracts cats to catnip is the nepetalactone chemical that is released from the bulbs; this can trigger many different responses in your cat. Once your cat smells the catnip, they may begin to rub, kick, chew, and roll in it in an attempt to release the chemical that is trapped in the plant’s leaves.

Catnip is often used to promote exercise and play in cats, and can also be used as a training aid. Place a small amount on your cat’s scratching post to encourage your cat to start scratching, or in their car carrier to encourage them to get inside. This helps create a positive association, decreases your cat’s anxiety and helps keep them calm.

You can also place some catnip on their beds or any areas they like to hide to help them relax and go to sleep.

Catnip is available in many different forms, such as:

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