Shop Accessories for Dog Crates & Carriers

Your dog’s crate needs to include a few essential items to ensure they are as happy and as comfortable as can be, including a comfortable bed, a water bowl or bottle that provides your dog with a drink of fresh water, and their favorite toys or puzzles to keep them entertained while you’re away. 

Crates are a great way to train your dog to be comfortable while you’re out of the house. Once they are used to the crate, they will no longer feel anxious or frightened when left alone for short periods. They will feel happy and relaxed, whilst chewing on their toys or treats, meaning no destructive behaviours or whining.

To ensure that the crate becomes a place where your dog feels comfortable and loves to be, it is essential to make positive associations with the crate from the get-go. It should be a nice, safe place for your puppy to go to, but also a fun place too. The more positively he thinks of his crate, the more inclined he will be to go there when you need him to.

It is a good idea to feed your puppy in his crate, and this reinforces positive associations. You could even leave your puppy fun crate accessories like treats or a Kong, a fun treat dispensing toy, in the crate if the puppy will be left alone for short periods. This will keep him busy and occupied while also nurturing his chewing urges (meaning he’s not chewing on things he shouldn’t be!)