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Shop our especially selected range of dog treats and chews which have been developed to help clean your dog’s teeth and improve oral hygiene.

Our research shows that 69% of dogs are given a dental chew regularly, but are they ok to use?

The answer to this is a resounding yes! Dental chews are a great way to supplement brushing your dog’s teeth – the Journal of Veterinary Dentistry has said that:

“Adding a dental chew to the diet resulted in statistically significant reductions in plaque and calculus accumulation, and oral malodour while improving gingival indices.” Journal of Veterinary Dentistry, 2013.

It is important however to remember when using dental chew that they do include calories, which need to be adjusted as part of your dog’s daily food intake to prevent weight gain.

Dental Chew Treats should be used as part of a balanced diet to supplement your dog’s toothbrushing, and should not replace toothbrushing as part of a dental care routine.