Shop Slow Feeders for Cats

If your feline friend is known to inhale their food when mealtime comes around, slow feeders can help prevent the various health risks caused by eating too quickly.

Slow feeders are not only a good way to provide mental enrichment for cats, but help your cat slow down their eating and reducing bloating, indigestion, risk of choking, and stomach aches. By slowing your cat down while they’re eating and encouraging them to properly chew their food, they will be able to digest and absorb the nutrients more efficiently.

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Here at Petmania we know that having a cat in your life can lead to many questions – from wondering what to feed your kitten, and everything else that you will encounter over your cat’s potential 20+ years! Here is our Cat Care Advice Centre and regularly post new content, based on the questions our customers regular ask us. Make sure to check it out and give your feline friend the best life possible.