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As all cat parents know, cats love to scratch. Whether it’s against your sofa, furniture, carpet or a cat scratcher post, scratching is a part of your cat’s natural instincts. Investing in a scratcher is a great way to help save your furniture or carpet from getting destroyed, while also keeping your cat happy and healthy.

What to Consider When Choosing a Cat Scratcher

  • Height: Cats don’t just use scratchers to scratch, but they’re also used to stretch out their legs. Make sure to get one that is big enough for your cat stretch her whole body.
  • Texture: Your cat will want a good scratcher she can sink her claws into. Most cats love the texture of sisal, a fibrous rope made from the agave plant. It doesn’t catch onto cats’ claws, and is extremely durable—no matter how hard your cat will scratch!
  • Another option is corrugated cardboard. Economical cardboard posts are easily replaceable to and are appealing to many cats. Usually they lie flat on the floor and sometimes even come with a toy attached to tempt your kitty to scratch at them.
  • Stability: This is an important factor as your cat will be clawing and scratching immensely, so it will need to be sturdy and not fall over. A post with a wide base should ensure it stays in place.

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