Vegan Dog Food

Vegan & Plant Based Dog Food

Despite a common belief that dogs are carnivore, they are in fact omnivores – why else will your pup nibble on a biscuit or munch on some carrots? Shop for vegan or plant based food for your dog online now.

Leading ethical brands like HOWND, have developed exciting options in complete diet for dogs using high quality plant based proteins, ensuring that you dog’s diet still includes that vital protein, without the meat.

There are a number of reasons why you might choose to switch your dog to a vegan, or possibly flexitarian* diet.

  • Allergies / Intolerances: some dogs struggle with intolerance or allergies to meat proteins, so moving the a plant based diet can help you manage these dietary needs.
  • Low Fat: Can help prevent obesity and aid in maintaining a healthy body condition score for your dog.
  • Ethical Choice: Choosing to move your dog to a vegetarian diet is an option if you prefer to choose plant-based alternatives
  • Better for the Environment: Plant-based diets have a significantly smaller carbon footprint than meat based foods

If you choose to switch your dog to a plant-based diet, these are our Top 3 Tips to ensure your dog is happy with the transition:

    1. Don’t go it alone: Always choose a specially developed diet for dogs that has been created by nutritionists to ensure a complete and balanced diet
    2. Take it slowly: Gradually make the change in your dog’s bowl, slowly reducing the amount of meat in his diet and replacing it with a vegan friendly option.
    3. Swap to Vegan Treats: Choose fruit and vegetable treats for your pup as you swap out meat in his diet.