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As a dog parent, it’s important to make sure the collar you buy for your four legged friend is comfortable and well-fitted. But the right style matters too! We have an extensive range of collars available to make your pooch the trendiest hound in the neighbourhood!

For the safety and comfort of your pooch, it is essential that you measure them accurately to ensure their collar is fi­tted correctly, otherwise it may cause some discomfort and you run the risk of causing harm if they break loose, which is the last thing you want when bringing them home for the first time!

When looking for the right collar, there are certain questions you should be asking yourself. It’s not a case of which collar is the most stylish or looks the prettiest, but which one is most suitable to your pet.

  • Does your dog have sensitive skin?

If your dog has sensitive skin, a soft polyester and lightweight collar may be the best option.

  • Do they have a slender neck?

If they are slender, which is commonly found with greyhounds, a Martingayle dog collar may be the best option for them

  • Are they strong?

If they are strong, a robust and potentially double play dog collar may be the best option for them.

  • Are they a puller?

If they are a puller, a head dog collar or harness may be the best option as it is more comfortable for your dog.

If you need advice on collar sizing please consult our in-store team who would be more than happy to assist you and your dog or why not visit our online Pet Care Advice Centre for tips and advice.