Shop Dog Harnesses

Finding the right harness for your dog is important so he can stay comfortable when out on his walks. If it’s too small, it can cause pain and discomfort; if too big, he can break loose, which can cause all sorts of mayhem!

When choosing what type of harness best suits your dog, you should ask the following questions;

  1. Are they a puller?

If your dog likes to pull and is a little too eager when out on his walks, a non-pull , front control or padded harness may be the best option.

  1. Are they strong?

If they are strong, they will need a harness that is made of stronger materials so it does not snap, like Julius K-9 Harness.

  1. Do they excited when it is time to go for a walk?

If they get overly excited and energetic when going for a walk, an easy to put on harness may be the best option, like COASTAL Padded Harness.

Any more questions? We can help!

If you need help sizing your doggie for their ideal harness, you can bring them into any of our locations nationwide and size them up in store. Our team would be more than happy to assist you in choosing the best option for your doggie and guiding you in the right direction.