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Certain dog breeds have particular dietary needs. Here at Petmania we stock a wide selection of wet and dry dog foods that have been especially tailored to suit the needs of your dog.

There are lots of different things to consider when choosing a food for your pet, and what worked for one might not work for yours. For dogs, breed and size will be critical factor in choosing their food.  Breed specific food contains ingredients tailored to a particular breed that help aid the health issues of that breed to bring out their unique best. Larger breeds such as a Great Dane or Bernese Mountain Dogs will need a food which will support their long limbs and joints, while smaller breeds like Dachsunds or Maltese Terriers will need a smaller kibble and fewer calories.

When feeding a breed-specific dog, you should consider their different genetic traits and nutritional needs, so that you can buy the best diet for them. To achieve these unique dietary requirements for these dogs, feeding them the right food can help them live a long, healthy and happy life.

Some benefits of these diets include; shinier coats, better digestion, healthy skin, more suitable kibble shape, and helps slow down fast eaters.

From smaller kibbles to extra nutritional supplements, we have the best food for your dog available in-store and online now.

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