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Beat the unpredictability of Irish weather and treat your dog to our wide selection of dog jackets and raincoats today. Particularly as we enter the colder months, preventing your pooch from getting wet and cold whilst outside on their adventures is vital. Why? If your dog gets wet when they are out in the cold, their temperature could drastically drop, which can put them at risk of illness. A jacket or raincoat will not only protect your pup from getting cold or soaked in the rain, but it will also provide an added layer of protection from the nasty wind.

While keeping them warm and dry is by far the most important factor, take into consideration the style and fashion of our selection of raincoats too. Is there anything sweeter than a dog in a jacket or raincoat? We think not! With so many designs, both you and your pooch will be spoilt for choice – and just think of all the cute photo opportunities!