Grooming Conditions of Service

Grooming Studio Conditions of Service

By making a booking at Petmania Grooming Studios, customers accept the following terms and conditions of service:

  • Our price guide is set assuming your dog’s coat is in good condition. Dogs with heavy matting; double coats or heavily soiled coats may incur an additional charge.
  • Upon meeting your dog, your groomer will carry out an inspection and your will be advised of any additional treatment or charge which will be incurred.
  • All coat clippings and shaving will be carried out to the breed standard. Should you require any additional or special styling, please advise your groomer of this upon arrival.
  • Our groomers will always put the health and wellbeing of your dog first, and will make any treatment recommendations which may be needed to keep your dog happy and healthy.
  • Owners accept full responsibility for ensuring their dog has up-to-date vaccinations. In addition, any health problems should be brought to the attention of our groomer upon arrival.
  • We do not claim to cure any illness or condition with our treatments. If you have ongoing concerns about your dog’s medical health you should consult your veterinarian.
  • If your dog should become distressed or aggressive during the course of their grooming, we reserve the right to end the groom early. This measure is in the interests of the safety of both our Groomers and your dog.
  • On the very rare occasion, a dog may experience an allergic reaction to the products which we use at our grooming studios. Petmania accept no responsibility or liability for this; and patch testing 24 hours in advance is recommended before any visit if you have cause for concerns.
  • Please note that matting can cause significant discomfort to your dog, which can worsen as the coat gets wet. In some instances it may be necessary to shave the coat to remove matting. Where matts exist in the coat, your groomer will advise you on the best treatment for removal. Additional charges may apply.
  • Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning is not a veterinary procedure and Petmania cannot diagnose or treat medical issues. It is a toothbrush to help clean and maintain healthy teeth and gums; and does not preclude the need for regular veterinary check ups. Therefore, if you have concerns about your dog’s teeth such as excessive plaque; tartar or loose teeth please seek veterinary advice first. Petmania reserve the right to refuse treatment to a dog where we feel veterinary care is required.
  • Care Plans: Pay in advance to get the best of our discounted Care Plan Rates. Available for the specified number of included treatments each month, for the duration of your Care Plan. 1 dog = 1 Care Plan. If you have multiple dogs, you must purchase multiple care plan bundles.

Removing Matting

If your dog’s coat has a few small matts, we would expect to be able to remove them using a special de-matting treatment, or by clipping them out and finishing your dog’s overall cut in a way that the clipped out areas are less noticeable.

However, if your dog is badly matted, we will need to spend more time shaving the matted areas. This is a slow process which requires time and extra care to help prevent nicks to the skin where the hair is matted close to the skin. Shaving is something that we do try to avoid doing, but sometimes it is necessary to save your dog from the discomfort, pain and other issues which can be caused by a neglected coat.

In rare case where matting is so severe, our groomers may need to recommend multiple visits, or refer a dog to a veterinarian.

As highly trained professionals, our groomers will advise you of your responsibilities after treatment, and what you can do to prevent and protect your dog from re-occurrence. Additional charges will be applicable where matting needs to be treated.