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Kittens should be weaned from 8 weeks, moving from a diet of their mother’s milk to solid foods. Choose a food that has been specifically developed to support the development needs of your growing cat.

Until the age of six months, your kitten will need feeding a regular intervals, three to four times a day. To ensure your kitten develops at her optimal rate, keep to a regular feeding routine and weigh your kitten’s portions to the recommended feeding guide of your chosen food. This will help ensure your kitten grows at a steady pace, without gaining excess weight.

Feeding your kitten the right food and providing a balanced diet is important as it will help support her unique growth and developmental needs. If you’re a first time kitten parent, it can be overwhelming when trying to make the best decision for your kitty’s diet.

Here at Petmania we have everything you need to support your growing cat from replacement kitten milk through weaning and throughout her first year. For more information about choosing the best nutrition for your kitten, read our blog post here.