Shop Lounger Beds for Dogs

Lounger Beds, also known as ‘box beds’ or ‘bulster beds’ are ideal for dogs who like to dig in and make themselves a cosy little nest. They feature a soft base and plush raised sides, designed to mimic the nesting box that a mother dog would give birth to puppies in. As our dogs age, they still enjoy the soothing comfort of knowing they are safe just like they were when they were babies!

The soft lounger bed will keep your furry friend cosy and comfortable for hours on end, as the sides provide them with a little extra support and more peace of mind while they snooze. We have a wide range of colours and styles for this type of  bed for you to spoil you dog with.

Shop our wide range of lounger beds from leading brands such as M-Pets, Beddies and CAZO, all designed to perfection for your pooch!