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New puppy? New puppy toys! Welcoming a new puppy into your home can be a very exciting time, but you’re probably wondering what exactly it is you need to ensure he is safe and comfortable in this strange new environment. Your pup will need some good, sturdy toys to help with any chewing urges he has. Toys also help with his training and keep him from getting bored, so make sure to stock up on lots of toys below for him to play with!

Provide puppy teething chews and toys that have been specially developed for puppy’s young mouth and gums. These toys provide relief to sore gums are a great way to prevent your furniture from getting the brunt of the chewing urges! Check out such as Kong toys or M-Pets toys.

Make sure his toys are easily accessible and in a place where you can easily reach them so you can quickly offer an alternative when the puppy feels the urge to chew.

Here at Petmania, we share a passion for all things pets, and are so excited to help guide you on raising a puppy. If you have any questions about the puppy teething process or anything about raising your pup, our team at one of our 15 stores across the country will be more than delighted to assist you. From puppy pads, to puppy food to obedience training, we’re here to help!