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Rope and tug toys are the perfect toy for those dogs who love to run around with a toy in their mouth as well as play tug-of-war. Ideal for exercising gums and gently cleaning teeth, this toy is suited for dogs who enjoy interactive play.

Between gripping, pulling, and focusing on the toy, playing tug-of-war with our rope and tug toys requires your dog to muster up a bit of physical and mental strength. This is a great way to stimulate their brain and get some physical exercise in too!

Every dog will have a preference for how they like to play, whether it’s with other dogs, their owners, or by themselves. Toys are an excellent way to help dogs fuel their play instincts and release some built-up energy. All dogs will respond differently to toys and forms of play, depending on their natural instincts, personal preferences, and how you have trained them.

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