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Tailored Health Nutrition for Cats and Dogs.

ROYAL CANIN focuses its efforts on understanding the unique needs of domestic cats and dogs. Everything it does is designed to create precise nutritional formulas to help our pets have a long and healthy life. All products are researched and developed not by trends in human nutrition or preferences of the pet owner, but through innovative nutritional science and the observation of cats and dogs.

Founded by a veterinarian in 1968, ROYAL CANIN has always been an expert in animal health nutrition. It places cats and dogs at the heart of each step of the innovation process to develop precise nutritional solutions.

ROYAL CANIN develops a diet when it identifies a need, which is then translated into a precise nutrient profile adapted to pets depending on their size, breed, age, lifestyle and sensitivities. As well as precisely measured individual nutrients, new developments also take into account palatability factors, including the shape, size and texture of kibble adapted to the shape and size of the pets’ jaws.

Always on the pursuit of knowledge.