Senior Dog Food

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Your dog will reach his senior years typically around the age of seven years, when his body will gradually start to slow down, reducing his metabolism and making him more prone to gaining excess weight.

As your dog grows older, you will begin to notice some changes in their demeanour. One of the key developments in an ageing dog is their diet-with the proper nutrition, you can help your senior canine enjoy their golden years even more.

A senior dog food may offer several benefits to ageing dogs, including:

  • Have a moderated protein content to support age-related muscle wastage
  • High fibre content to prevent constipation
  • Appropriate caloric balance from fat and protein
  • Reduced phosphorus levels to promote good kidney health
  • Additional nutrients, like glucosamine and omega-3 fatty acids to support the joints and age-related arthritis
  • Vitamin A and linoleic acid to support healthy skin and coat

Your adult dog food will probably have a senior variety that you can consider, but if your dog suffers from allergies, a sensitive tummy or skin, a hypoallergenic dog food may be needed.

Take into consideration their weight, health status, activity levels and age before switching to a new food, and if you have any concerns about your senior dog’s overall health, a visit to your vet is recommended before making any changes.

Choosing the best diet for your senior dog is essential to support his aging body and weaker muscles and joints. Here at Petmania we stock a wide range of foods for dogs that are older, and if you need help choosing the right food, visit our FREE Dog Care Advice Centre here, or drop in-store or call us today.