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CLINIVET provides a range of super premium, veterinary grade dog food & cat food which delivers in both taste and nutrition for your pet. CLINIVET’s premium dog food is suitable for both small breed & large breed dogs, whilst also offering a grain free or hypoallergenic option for more diet sensitive pets. As far as premium pet food goes, this is one of the best available for dog owners who may need to cater for their pets specific healthcare needs, be it weight loss or ageing for example.

Put life into your pet naturally with CLINIVET:

Natural, Hypoallergenic – formulated without wheat, beef, lamb and soya products. These ingredients are known to be common allergens, and can contribute to conditions such as digestive upsets, dry, flaky and itchy skin, and a dull coat. By excluding these products from the diet, it is possible to reduce the occurrence of these allergic reactions.

Strong Skeleton- needed to provide support for the body. It helps protect all internal organs from damage and provide the structure for muscles to attach so that the body can move. A correct balance of pH and minerals help promote a strong skeleton and help aid a speedy repair, should the body become damaged.

Healthy Gut- to help protect against indigestion and promote a healthy gut environment and can reduce the incidence of colitis and diarrhoea. The addition of fructo-oligosaccharides and mono-oligosaccharides to the food boosts levels of ‘friendly’ gut bacteria and limit the growth of less friendly bacteria.

Grain Free options are perfect for pets that have digestive problems or a grain allergy. Grain free dog food has more protein and less carbohydrates making it easier to digest than grains that are carbohydrate heavy.

Anti-Cramping- Muscles cramp when they contract (tighten) without you meaning to do so. This is more common when muscles are overused or injured, or when you have low levels of minerals and electrolytes in your body and can be very painful.

Supported Growth- Vitamins and minerals are essential to maintain health and growth and are involved in the metabolic reactions in the body. They are necessary for the development of strong bones and teeth, and in nerve and muscle action.

Cardio care.

Strong immune system.