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Perfect for exploring the outdoor world safely, our range of cat leads and harnesses are ideal for walking your cat while also keeping them secure. Our high quality cat leads and harnesses come in a range of colours, styles and sizes suited to every cat and their personality.

Some cats love being able to explore the outdoors with their owners by their side. Taking your kitty for a short walk around the neighbourhood is a fantastic way to get them moving. If your cat is not used to being on a leash however, it may take some patience and lots of practice. Don’t force your kitty into anything they’re not comfortable with, and always go at their pace. Keep an eye on other animals such as dogs (especially those off leash) and wild animals like squirrels.

If you have any more questions regarding leads and harnesses to take home to your cat or some of our favourite cat scratchers, why not talk to one of Petmania’s PetCare advisors to discuss your options? If you have any queries regarding your cat’s health or exercise tips, we recommend contacting your local veterinarian for the best advice.