Shop Paw & Skin Care for Your Dog

Practising proper paw & skin care is important to ensure your dog does not suffer from any injuries and can go about his daily activities. We have a wide range of products available to take care of and maintain your four legged friend’s paws and skin.

Overgrown nails can cause a healthy paw to turn into a splayed foot and reduce traction. Itchy and irritated skin can cause a lot of pain and suffering for your dog. There are a few different reasons why a dogs may get itchy and dry skin, including allergies, parasites or infections. Some breeds are more prone to skin conditions than others, such as West Highland Terriers, English bulldogs, and Pitbull terriers.

Regular brushing and grooming of your dog’s coat and a healthy, nutritious diet are two effective ways to ensure your dog’s coat is kept in the best condition possible. Brush your dog frequently to ensure they are free of tangles and mats, as they can be very uncomfortable for your dog.

Not too sure what you’re looking for? Our team in-store is always on hand to help out. Whether you need a recommendation for a paw balm, or aren’t too sure about the right shampoo for your puppy, make sure to pop in and ask one of our experts in any of our 15 stores nationwide.