Shop Carriers & Crates for Your Dog

Choosing the right carrier for your little pal is important, especially if he is a nervous passenger! We have a huge range of dog carriers & crates available by pet brands with years of expertise such as MIDWEST, BRACCO, IMAC and TRIXIE. We’re certain to have the right one for your dog, keeping him calm and content when off on a journey.

Looking for a crate for some at-home training? Crate Training can be a very helpful management tool when introducing your dog into his new home. Dogs, especially puppies, don’t like being left alone, and can express this dislike through destructive behaviour. If crate training is done properly, it can help reduce unwanted behaviour and give your puppy somewhere to relax where he can feel safe and secure.

Training your puppy to spend some time alone and rest in his crate, even when you don’t necessarily need them to, means that your puppy will already be comfortable and content when you do need him to go into his crate. Dogs tend to learn very fast and love having their own space to rest, eat, and play toys. So, it’s a win-win for you and for puppy!

If you’re unsure about what your dog needs, please contact us and one of our experts will be happy to help.