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Training your puppy to walk on a lead and stay by your side is a great way to ensure your walks are safe and enjoyable for you both. Many people think dogs naturally know how to walk on a lead but this isn’t the case, and it is a skill that needs to be trained. It’s important your puppy understands not to pull or try and run away from you when he’s on the lead, as he could potentially injure himself or another dog.

What Lead?

Fixed Lead:

Fixed leads are great for when you are starting out lead training. This lead won’t extend any farther and is useful for when you want to train your dog to stay by your side when out for walks.

Flexi Lead:

The Flexi Lead is great when you want to give your dog that little bit more freedom on his walks. It is important to note that redactable or flexi leads should only be used once your puppy has developed a good recall and gotten used to the lead. Only ever use it in a safe place and keep it short when near a busy road.

good recall is critical when training your puppy to walk on a lead. Your dog should not be off a lead in public without a good recall or knowing his name, so it is essential to teach them this as early as you can and when they are still in the puppy stage.

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