Shop Bandanas & Bows for Dogs

Cute bandana+cute dog=perfect photo opportunity!

Shop our range of dog bandanas and bows, guaranteed to make your pooch the talk of the neighbourhood! Fashionable, functional, and fiercly cute, it makes for the pawfect gift for any dog or dog lover.

Bandanas are not only fashionable, but they can also let other dog owners know if your dog needs space or is anxious. They can give a visual queue on their preferred interaction methods as well as reduce anxiety by scents and calming sprays being applied to them.

Not too sure what you’re looking for? Our team in-store is always on hand to help out. Whether you need a waterproof coat to beat the Irish weather, or are just looking for a cute bow to tie an outfit together, make sure to pop in and ask one of our experts in any of our 15 stores nationwide.