Weight Control Dog Food

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Weight control dog foods are lower calorie diets that have been especially developed for dogs that need to reduce their daily calorie in-take. If your dog has a Body Condition Score of 6-7 (slightly overweight) a calorie controlled diet, along with regular exercise will help restore an ideal BCS.

It’s widely recognized that obesity will reduce our dog’s lifespan and can lead to numerous long term illnesses. These Illnesses will impact on his quality of life. so as dog owners, there are a number of different things that we need to do to help our beloved pets from getting fat.

Just a few extra kibbles in the bowl at mealtimes can be the primary cause of over-eating for our dogs. Every food is carefully developed with a recommended feeding guide, so when we are trying to prevent our pup’s from gaining too much weight, following the feeding guide for your dog’s food is essential.

Keeping a record of everything your dog eats during the day can provide great insight into where he may be getting extra calories, and can help you to keep his weight and body condition at an ideal level.

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For more advice on preventing obesity in your dog, and choosing the best food for your dog, visit our dog nutrition advice centre for advice from Vet Carol Doyle.