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The ultimate essentials for when your dog is out and about exploring the world. We have a huge range of collars and harnesses to suit the most gentle and the most boisterous! Durability, comfort and style combined. With leads to match for when you’re going for those all important walks. We also carry a range of muzzles for visits to the vet!

There’s lots of different equipment to consider for when you begin lead training your dog. If your dog is strong you may find a harness is most efficient as these give you more control from your dog’s chest. If you have a dog prone to breathing issues such as a pug, we would also recommend using a harness. They’re also far less likely to pull on your dog’s throat, which can sometimes cause injury, especially if they love to pull hard when out walking.

Collars on the other hand have many advantages too-they’re much easier to wear, get fitted and require less physical strength from you when you’re out walking your dog.

If you have a puppy, always get them used to wearing a harness or collar first before taking them outside-it will make both your lives much less difficult!

To pick out the best harness or collar and to get your dog fitted, pop into your local Petmania store and the team there can guide you in the right direction.

You can also view our large range of personalised I.D tags and make sure your best friend never gets lost for too long!