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Going for a dip in the pond this summer? Maybe you’re taking the boat out onto the lake? Or maybe you’re finally blowing up the kid’s swimming pool you said you’d do last year…whatever the reason, our dog swimming toys are guaranteed to put a wag and a splash in your doggie’s tail! Whether your pooch is fetching a floating frisbee, diving off the deep end for a ball, or trying to capture a bobbling squeaker, swimming toys help our dogs burn energy, engage their brains and stimulation, and help build bond with their humans!

Every dog will have a preference for how they like to play, whether it’s with other dogs, their owners, or by themselves. Toys are an excellent way to help dogs fuel their play instincts and release some built-up energy. All dogs will respond differently to toys and forms of play, depending on their natural instincts, personal preferences, and how you have trained them.

Here at Petmania, we share a passion for all things pets, and are so excited to help guide you on raising a dog. If you have any questions about looking for the best toy or food for your four legged friend, our team at one of our 15 stores across the country will be more than delighted to assist you. From puppy pads, to senior dog food to healthcare, we’re here to help!