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Choosing the right diet for your pet bird is important due to the many medical problems they can encounter. Each species of bird will have its own nutritional requirements to ensure it can live a happy and healthy life. It is up to the bird owner to guarantee these dietary needs are satisfied.

When feeding our pet birds, it is important to understand that each type of bird will have different dietary needs. All are herbivores, with most granivores or florivores.

If your bird is a florivore, this means that the majority of his diet is plant based; many psittacines (members of the parrot family) follow this diet. Apart of the florivores are nectarivores, who eat mostly nectar.

Birds that feed on grain and /or seeds are known as granivores (this also includes nuts). Frugivores are birds with diets consisting of fruits. In general, most pet birds will eat fruit, seeds, nuts, flowers, berries, and nectar.

Each type of bird will require a slightly varying diet; for more, check out our Bird Care Advice Centre to understand the dietary and nutritional needs of your pet bird.

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