Go-Cat by Purina


GO-CAT, Purina’s dry cat food selection offers a quality and healthy option for your cat or kitten. This cat food kibble is produced without any added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Despite this, GO-CAT provides a wide variety of tasty flavours such as salmon, tuna and chicken, whish are all sure to make your cat meow with delight when it’s dinner time.

A favourite in Dry Cat Food. Keep your cat healthy and happy with this cat food range. Specially formulated with the nutrients your cat needs to thrive.

Choose from Chicken and Turkey, Chicken and Duck, or Tuna and Herring.

Your cat’s personality brings something very special to your home. To help keep them happy and healthy, it is specially formulated with all the essential nutrients they need, in a range of recipes they love, so they can continue to surprise and delight you every day, for years to come! In our wide range, you’ll find delicious dry cat food recipes for every life stage from kittenhood, right through to their senior years. What’s more, if you have a feline that’s particularly fussy about the texture of their food, take a look at our crunchy and tender cat food, a tasty recipe that contains two different textures to keep each mealtime exciting. Browse our full range of Go-Cat cat food and find tasty flavours and textures that your cat’s sure to love.