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A puppy’s coat as a whole is completely di­fferent to an adult coat. It’s softer, fluff­ier and a lot more delicate, which is why it’s so important to get all the correct tools and equipment when it comes to grooming. It is important to build positive associations around the grooming tools like brushes, clippers and nail trimmers, so your puppy will be happy and relaxed when you brush his hair!

Brushing your Puppy

  1. For the brushing, take your slicker brush and let your pup have a sniff to show it isn’t something to be afraid of.
  2. Run your fingers through his coat, while giving him lots of praise and maybe even a treat or two!
  3. Then we select the area you want to brush. Start brushing at a moderate speed, and then stop shortly after. Always make sure to take regular breaks during brushing, as puppies can become agitated if they are not used to it.
  4. Keep this up daily and your puppy will be used to brushing in no time! Daily brushing is also very important for overall coat and skin health

Brushing your puppy’s hair every day is a must to prevent these nasty knots, tangles, and matting. Not only this, but it’s a great way to spend some quality, relaxation time with your four legged friend-a win-win!

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